Taco Soup-Clarissa Nicole-CNICOLEPD

This week I decided to take a few things I had in my cabinet and create my own version of taco  soup. It really was on a wing and a prayer but the final result is AMAZING.

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Pizzadilla: Pi-zza-dil-la
a tortilla folded over a filling of cheese, tomato sauce and other things you’d put on a pizza.

Gluten Free-Pizza-Pizzadilla

Craving pizza and being gluten free while trying to eat better is a toughy, but last week  I was dying (cue dramatics)  for a pizza. I saw these on Pinterest and I figured, “Why not? This actually doesn’t look too hard.” They weren’t and they were GOOD!

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Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Working on a couple of posts for the week (get excited the two people that read it :))

Off to enjoy these veggie tacos while watching ‘Princesses of Long Island’ which is…interesting.


Have a great week! –C


banana pancakes

(love me through my camera phone photos)

In my decision to train for a half marathon, I’m looking for healthy yet affordable recipes to try at home. Of course I head over to Pinterest  and pin away.

I came across this idea of 2 ingredient easy banana pancakes. The ingredients? Banana and 2 eggs.

Awesome! Low calories, very inexpensive and healthy. I can deal with that. But as I followed the directions and ate, I was slightly…disappointed?

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