A few weeks ago I wrote about my anxiety on doing something new, and how I should “just do it” so here I am, doing what is scaring the bejeezus out of me.


There’s an official name change. CNICOLEPD is turning into Five12 Studio. It fits more of what I want to do with…everything. The name just fits.

Yes, I know I recently re-branded but nothing with the actual branding is changing but the name…so the branding is actually changing. Hmm…

I’m not changing the photography or design aspect of what I’m doing. I am expanding how I incorporate these two and take on more projects.

There’s an ETSY shop in this process and I’m adding a few more things in between now and mid August. Check it out here. Things are slowly changing and I’ll keep everyone posted on what’s happening next. Facebook is a mess right now and I’m reloading everything so please stick with me.

I guess that’s it. This is reaaaally happening and I’m excited…and anxious. Gah.



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