Naked As We Came

Last weekend I was reading Justina Blakeney’s post about being naked, sharing her photographs of her and her daughter Ida done in natural light, straight shot, no filter or make-up at all. She revealed it was terrifying and relieving at the same time.

What a brave soul.

First of all, the photos are gorgeous. Second, that’s brave. I don’t like being in front of the camera, not even a little and for someone to want me to be “naked” in front of one sends my anxiety through the roof (and if you’ve paid attention to my personal posts, yes, it seems like I have a lot of anxieties).

One week I got brave enough to post two photos showing my face, and I remember all the tips I read from Twitter/magazines on how to get the best selfie: “chin down”, “angle your best side”, “hold the camera from above so no one sees up your nose.” The last tip is actually pretty good, because no one wants to see nose critters, but I digress.

Doing that, I managed to get two decent photos of myself, 20 photos later. I really don’t know how people can be Instagram models because it takes a lot of time–I’m actually curious about this.

I suppose one day I’ll be brave enough to be like, “Hey ya’ll, here’s my face. #nomakeup #nofilter.” There’s something about it that seems freeing, but to be honest I’m just not ready yet.  Note, I’m not saying this so I can get, “but you are SO pretty” comments. I’m just being completely honest. Are you brave to be naked in front of the camera? –C

PS. Inspiration for blog title: Iron and Wine’s ‘Naked As We Came’. It’s not related to the post but it’s a beautiful song.



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