pixie ideas

When I got my hair cut, I wanted something different. Besides, I was wearing a weave and it was really interfering with my running because it was hard to wash my hair. It was cute though, loved it, but I hate knowing my hair wasn’t all the way clean and sitting at work doing the pat to the spots I couldn’t reach. You know…the pat. 

One night I saw Anne Hathaway’s hair during her Les Mis promo and thought, “Oooooh! I love!” so I pinned a lot of pixie cuts on Pinterest. I played with the idea since Naima from America’s Next Top Model (give or take) but having a round face made me think, “Nah”. Plus I listened to magazines that said people with round faces shouldn’t have really short hair. Pfft. After I had a “Whatever, whatever, I do what I want!” moment, I went for it.

Then it started. Five inches…then 3 more…then…where did all this hair come from? My hair was already short and now it’s short. I felt cold in the back of my head. Once she was done it was way shorter than I wanted and I contemplated getting a wig because I had a company party that night and wasn’t ready to reveal my new look because I wasn’t comfortable.

Everyone kept saying it was a shock but I’d get used to it, but my gosh “shock” was an understatement. On the plus side it didn’t take long to get ready. On the negative side, I couldn’t add an extension if I wanted. People said my hair would grow so fast I wouldn’t realize it, but I didn’t know, I didn’t know.

Eventually the shock wore off and I was happy about my decision, especially since taking care of it was easy, breezy, beautiful.

black and white

Fast forward to now: if you have a pixie cut and growing it out (or had one and grown it out), you’ll understand the current struggle. Now my hair is doing…things. It’s in between phases and while I don’t want to cut it, I want to cut it. There’s not enough gel, hair spray, pomade, wax, etc. to keep the back down so it’s just there. I like to call it this stage “not quite a pixie, not yet a bob”.

I’m weighing my options as to what to do, minus the option of cutting it again, so here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Braids. I love the box braids in style right now and I really want them. I miss the length and versatility of my hair. However,  the same problem goes with the washing the hair after my workouts (and I sweat HARD ya’ll).
  • Wigs. I’m feeling a little playful and want to experiment with wigs just because. Then I think “It’s Texas and it’s 150,987,456 degrees outside,” and I can’t. I’ll end up snatching my wig off in public quicker than Beyonce does with most of these other singers out right now. Exaggerating on temperatures, but it’s HOT down here, ya’ll.
  • Be a hippie. I’m actually considering this. I have so many scarves and headbands from Forever 21 that I might as well wear them. Plus it’s easy. Hmmm. Seems like I may have come up with my own decision.

So that’s where I am, counting the days I can put my hair in a ponytail just for the heck of it. Anyone else growing out a pixie and in the “not quite a pixie, not yet a bob” phase? –C

credit: photos found via Pinterest. design and editing by Clarissa Nicole.



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