OH OK // 01


  • Um, Rob Pattinson is the face of one of Dior’s new fragrances. The campaign has a bit of a James Dean theme (the actor not the porno star who did that tape with the Teen Mom…ew) and a Led Zeppelin song. Need it now.
  • PaulasBestDishes trended on Twitter because there’s a transcript of her saying she called Black people the N-word and wanted to have them dress like slaves at a party she’ll cater one day. I’m not really shocked but the trending topic was hilarious.
  • Miley Cyrus…girl, what?
  • Instagram doesn’t care about Vine’s feelings as it not only introduced a video option, but allows you to edit the part you don’t like and has filters. Unless Vine creates an app for Blackberry and Windows…bye Vine.
  • Myspace relaunched and it looks pretty cool. I’m not even going to lie, I’m considering it for business purposes. Good job Mr. JT. Hope it works out like you want it.
  • Kim Kardashian finally had her child. God bless. I don’t care either way but I hope that child’s name is Kaleidoscope Kash West, for reasons.
  • James Gandolfini died. Sadness. Watch him on Sesame Street.
  • I bought a skirt that’s usually sold at Anthropologie for 90 for $3 at Goodwill. That’s a savings of over 90 percent, I think. I don’t do math.


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