Clarissa Nicole_random

(please excuse my drawing. it was a quick test on wacom tablet)

It’s 2:08 AM as I write this post, contemplating whether or I should post it a personal post or keep it private. I don’t want this blog to seem like a “Dear Diary, here are my troubles,” but I also want to be as authentic as possible (to the few people that love me enough to read this, thank you).

So I’m here, writing this post still thinking “should I or shouldn’t I?” and I realize that’s my main problem in life.

I’ve always wanted to different and even daring things but then I go, “Um, maybe later.” We’ve all done it. Some of us say it’s not worth it and move on, others just do it and then there’s some of us, me, who dwell and analyze everything to the point that the opportunity passes and then you’re left with the shoulda/coulda/wouldas.

Even tonight I was talking to a friend about posting something I was working on and I’m weighing out all the options. It’s silly, but then it’s not. See?

This has been my life; I want to do something but anxiety stops me from doing it. The fact that I wanted to freelance was a huge step and even some days I go back and forth about whether or not I should have just done nursing (says the person who is h o r r i b l e at math and science, but I digress).

I can change this. I can talk myself out of my over analyzing and just do it–cheesy but Nike has a point.

I have a lot I want to do, a lot I want to achieve,  and a lot I want to share with people. If you happen to stumble across this post and are in question about if you should do this or that, do it. Take the chance. Don’t be like me and let anxiety take over. You’re better than that.



2 thoughts on “JUST DO IT

  1. You know I’m with ya on the anxiety and sometimes it can be overcome and sometimes it can’t…but I will say this…when we challenge it and make things happen despite it, it’s a beautiful feeling. (and it makes the next one that much easier.)

    sending you love and hugs. 🙂


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