I recently decided to give going vegetarian another try because I’m partially nuts after my physical I feared the normal numbers for cholesterol were coming too close to high (they’re not, but it’s some points away and I want to be careful)  so I gave up the few meats I do it (chicken and turkey) and double up on vegetables.

Add this to being gluten free and my “diet” (hate that word) can be a lot more tricky than it should be.

Thank God for Pinterest. I’ve found meals I am most certainly going to try in the near future.

Gouda Mushroom Grilled Cheese

Smoky Sweet Potato Burger

If you’re gluten free like me, easily replace the whole wheat buns/bread with gluten free bread. I personally love Udi’s Gluten Free Multigran Bread. It’s fantastic and doesn’t taste gluten free while being gluten free.

Sweet Potato Soup w/Avocado

Greek Yogurt Souffle

Flourless Zucchini Brownies

Have you tried any of these recipes? What’s your favorite vegetarian dish?

All photos do not belong to me and are credited to their respective photographer



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