Trying to start my Music Mondays because as much as I love design and photography, music is another huge love of mine and I enjoy sharing tunes. That being said, let’s kick it off with The XX, shall we?

the xx-01

The first time I heard them was in 2010 when I stumbled across their cover of Aaliyah’s Hot Like Fire. I loved how they made it their own and didn’t try to make it like her version plus their British, so I was really excited about them.

After purchasing xx I was dying for a new album, so of course when Coexist was released to bless our ears with amazingness, I did everything but beam into the clouds of heaven to thank Jesus personally. Exaggerated only slightly, but my day was made.

Angels is one of those songs that hits me to my core. It’s a quiet medley mixed with softly sung yet powerful lyrics that has me repeating it for 2 hours minimum.

Cannot wait to see them in Dallas (a sold out show by the way)! What do you think about them?


photo from Google Images: and respectfully. Layout by CNCIOLEPD



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